Comfort Digital X-rays

“I hate taking dental x-rays. They are so uncomfortable!” We hear you!

Alamo Ranch Dental is pleased to announce an added tool right here in our office that will enable us to take Comfort digital x-rays. We are one of the few offices in San Antonio that offer extra-oral Bitewing x-rays from Planmeca. This means that BOTH the pano x-ray and bitewing x-rays are taken with an outside the mouth sensor (which means more comfort for patients with small mouths, strong gag-reflex, patients with anatomical limitations such as tori, and for small children). This procedure is done in 20 seconds or less, and the scanner is an open-face design as shown so it is comfortable for the patient. In addition, we also have intra-oral digital sensor x-rays that take images inside the mouth within seconds.


Technology & Equipment & Comfort

Experience the difference!

  • Digital Comfort X-rays and sensors.
  • Intraoral camera images to show inside the mouth photos.
  • Massage dental chairs in every dental room to help you relax if needed.
    Just ask us to turn it on for you!
  • Noise-cancellingBose headphones to listen to our music or your own music in every room.
  • Brand New State-of-art autoclaves/sterilizers to ensure maximum patient safety.
  • Comfort Injection technique including DentalVibe. While we cannot promise you will not feel an injection, patients often remark that they were unaware an injection was being given when the DentalVibe was used. We use the DentalVibe on children as well as adults.

Safety & Security

In Office Safety

Our office has been designed with safety and cleanliness and organization that go exceed the state and federal guidelines for dental practices. With our state-of-the-art new sterilization technology, every instrument is wrapped, sterilized and made ready for individual use. In our office, we either sterilize it or we use one-time use disposable supplies. Our comprehensive staff training and our sterilization center provide for the complete elimination of cross-contamination and reduce the possibility of infection. Each week, we send samples from our sterilization equipment to a third-party laboratory to confirm the complete sterility of our instruments. This process provides peace of mind for patients and staff.

Our dental office is 100% digital. Your information is held in a secure, encrypted digitized record that is backed up and remotely archived regularly.

The health and safety of our patients, team, families, and community is our top priority. Alamo Ranch Dental has always and will continue to follow strict sterilization and disinfecting protocols. We will also be checking temperatures of patients and staff, practicing social distancing in our waiting room areas, and limiting additional visitors/guardians to one per patient. Thank you to our loyal patients for your patience and understanding.